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RIC (Reserech Information Center Retrieval Display System)

The Research Information Center is a former name of the Data & Planning Center.

ALADDIN (A Labelled Atomic Data Interface)

The data format and retrieval system were originally created by IAEA, and the following databases are developped at NIFS.

Ion Fraction (abundance)

Ion fraction distributions as a function of electron temperature in ionization equiliblium.

Data for Autoionizing States

Database for energy levels of autoionizing states and dielectronic satellite lines.

Data for Electron Impact Excitation/Ionization Cross Section

Mirror page of Electron Impact Excitation/Ionization Sub-Database of AMODS.

Sputtering, Reflection and Range values

Numerical data on sputtering yield, reflection coefficients and mean range calculated by Dr. Wolfgang Eckstein using the Monte Carlo program code (TRIM.SP)

Data Tables of Rate Coefficients for Electron Dissociative Attachment to Molecular Hydrogen


"Rate Coefficients for Low-Energy Electron Dissociative Attachment to Moleculara Hydrogen"

J. Horacek, K. Houfek, M. Cizek, I. Murakami, T. Kato

Last update was made on 17-March-2004