Fusion Device data - LHD

Title of DeviceLarge Helical Device (LHD)
OrganizationNational Institute for Fusion Science (Japan)
LocationToki, Japan
A. Device concept and components
Vacuum vessel: -- Plasma facing material:Stainless steel (SUS316) [1]
Divertor/limiter facing material-
Working GasH, He [1]
Boundary configuration: Built-in double-null divertor [1]
Toroidal magnetic field (on axis), B (T):3 [3]
RemarksEmployment of superconducting coils
B. Plasma geometry
Major radius, R(m):3.9 [1]
Minor radius, a(m):0.65 [1]
Plasma volume (m3):30
C. Plasma parameters (maximum values)
Central ion temperature, Ti (keV):5 [3]
Central electron temperature, Te (keV):10 [3,4]
Line averaged plasma density, <n> (1020 m-3): 1.6 [3]
Central electron density, n (1020 m-3): -
Plasma current, I (MA):0 [1]
Discharge pulse duration (s):127 [3]
Plasma beta, <β> (%):3.2 [3]
Stored energy, (MJ):1.16 [3]
Energy confinement time, τE (s):0.36 [3]
D. Plasma heating and current drive (device values)
Ohmic heating, (MW):-
NBI heating, (MW):9 [3]
RF heating: -IC: (MW):2.7 [3]
RF heating: -EC: (MW):1.9 [3]
RF heating: -LH: (MW):0
E. Reactor relevant plasma performance parameters
Triple fusion product, ( 1020 keV s m-3): 2.2E19 [3]
QDT factor (if available):NA
F. Input information
Date of entry 13-Dec-2002
Data was entered by: H. Yamada